Look for a escort job in Hamburg. We are looking for German-speaking ladies from 21 – 45 years who would like to work as an escort with us. You can expect a very lucrative additional income, a relaxed & respectful working atmosphere with free time management. If you want to work freelance besides your job or study, what to earn and want to get to know nice demanding male clients, you are right here. As a serious escort service you get 70% of your fee & we get our agency commission. For questions and answers we are at your disposal.

This is what you need:

  • Trusted, confident, elegant

  • General education with etiquette

  • you speak German and other languages

  • You are 21 – 45 years old

  • You feel right in the companion of a man

  • You love erotic, fetish and you love to be a mistress

  • You can find lucrative earning opportunities

  • You can meet ambitious clients

  • A free time management according to your wishes is waiting for you.

  • You can expect free, creative & independent work without pressure.

  • It is free for you how often and where you want to accept your bookings.

  • A relaxed and fair cooperation awaits you.

  • You get the fairest and highest fee rate available.

Check out our fees page to get a clear idea of what you want to achieve. We are looking for interested ladies who want to work with us on a long-term basis.


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We remain hard and consistent but fair, a lot of ladies were already at a photo shoot so send us your finished photos with the application form or by e-mail right away so that we can present you on our website from your sensual side. After a conversation with you, we look forward to a good cooperation and to being able to pass you on. Data and photos will be treated very discreetly and will be deleted in case of a cancellation.